Precise dimension allows depth in quality. Concentration creates essence.
Sharply assembled lines and graphical cuts create a base for disciplined energy.
A linear frame that gives dynamic space to reinterpret.
A refined construction, prepared to be personalized.

Carefully interested in giving new standards for another image of dynamic men
masculine serenity is reshuffled and enveloped into the rich textures of selected qualities.
With inspiration for traditional make and craft the focus lies in the creation of genuine individual garments.
Compiling the authenticity of smart design, taking nonchalant sobriety and assemble it
with the blunt sportiness of refined technology.
Each slender silhouette is wrapped in subtle emotion, evoked through traded tailoring art
and cutting-edge functionality.

The essential force is found in the poetry of these disciplines.
Light and shadow create linear outline, the feeling of KARDOS lies in the depth of colour and greys
that the area inbetween is providing.